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Justin Vines

Justin Vines

AEI, Germany

Talk title: Advances in the 2-body problem

The identification and characterization of gravitational-wave signals from compact binary coalescences relies on (among other things) various perturbative approximations to the two-body problem in general relativity, importantly including the post-Newtonian expansion, the closely related post-Minkowskian expansion, and the extreme-mass-ratio (or "self-force") expansion.  This talk will review recently elucidated nontrivial interplays between these complementary approximations, which have led to new state-of-the-art results, and how these advances (and others) have developed in concert with increasing applications, to classical gravitational dynamics, of powerful techniques from quantum scattering amplitude theory.

Time: July 8, Friday, 00:00-01:00 (CST, UTC+8)