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Jun Luo

Jun Luo

Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Talk title: Progress of the TianQin Project 

The TianQin Project plans to deploy around 2035 three satellites to form an equilateral triangle constellation, TianQin, in an orbit centered on the Earth with an altitude of about 10^5 kilometers, to detect gravitational waves in space. TianQin is expected to open the gravitational wave detection window in the frequency band of 10^{-4} Hz ~ 1 Hz, opening our eyes towards the nature of gravity, the origin of black holes and the history of the universe. The ultimate scientific detection capability of TianQin depends on the level of breakthroughs that can be achieved with various key technologies, including high-precision space inertial refence, long baseline laser interferometry, ultra-quiet and ultra-stable spacecraft, gravitational wave data analysis, etc., which are all being intensely researched. In this talk, I will make a brief introduction to the progress made by TianQin along these directions.

Time: July 6, Wednesday, 20:30-21:30 (CST, UTC+8)