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Poster Session

Session Contributor Affiliation Title Poster

A1 Daniele Gregoris Jiangsu University of Science and Technology Understanding Gravitational Entropy of Black Holes: A New Proposal via Curvature Invariants  PDF link

A1 Tongsheng Xia Beihang University Report on a possible charge forming mechanism  PDF link

A1 Jose Parra Florida International University The Universe without Darkness  PDF link

A1 Salvador Mengual Sendra Universitat de València Thermodynamic perfect  fluid spheres admitting an orthogonal  flat synchronization  PDF link

A1 Evgeny Osetrin Tomsk State Pedagogical University Deviation of geodesics and tidal accelerations in the gravitational wave in spacetimes of Bianchi type VI  

A1 Brien Nolan Dublin City University Motion of a gyroscope on a closed timelike curve  PDF link

A1 David Kubiznak Charles University Generalized Lense-Thirring metrics: higher-curvature corrections and solutions with matter  

A1 Hou Yau San Francisco State University Proper Time Oscillator  PDF link

A1 Jorge Delgado University of Aveiro Equatorial timelike circular orbits around generic ultracompact objects  PDF link

A1 Sandipan Sengupta Indian Institute  of Technology Kharagpur 4D Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity from vanishing metrical (extra) dimensions  

A1 Tomohiro Harada Rikkyo University Complete classification of the FLRW solutions with linear equation of state: p.p. curvature singularities for general geodesics  PDF link

A1 Daniele Malafarina Nazarbayev University The relation between Semi-classical dust collapse and black holes in Non-Linear Electrodynamics  

A1 Si-Jiang Yang Lanzhou U. Destroying the event horizon of a nonsingular rotating quantum-corrected black hole  PDF link

A1 Gabor Zsolt Toth Wigner Research Centre for Physics Construction of an energy-momentum tensor for the linearized gravitational field using the Fierz tensor  PDF link

A1 Stefano Baiguera Ben Gurion University of the Negev Holographic complexity in the presence of defects and boundaries  

A1 Jianzhi Yang Aveiro University Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton neutral black holes in strong magnetic fields: topological charge, shadows and lensing  

A1 Hongsheng Zhang Univ. of Jinan, Jinan, Shangdong Real gravitational atom---Clouds of extreme dilatonic black hole  

A1 Songbai Chen Hunan Normal University Bonnor dihole双黑洞的偏振光图像  

A1 cheng-yong zhang Jinan University Dynamical transitions in scalarization and descalarization through black hole accretion  

A1 Haopeng Yan CHEP, Peking University Observabilities of near-horizon sources with various motions  

A1 Zhaoyan Wu Center for Theoretical Physics, Jilin University Conservation, Non-conservation Laws and Gravitational Energy-momentum in General Relativity  

A1 minyan ou Jiangxi Normal University Black bounce 型虫洞准正规模中的回声  PDF link

A1 良 马 Tianjin University 混合Chern-Simons高阶导数理论的黑洞热力学研究与Wald形式  

A1 Hideki Asada Hirosaki University Gauss-Bonnet method to the gravitational deflection of light and the exact lens equation  PDF link

A1 Ming da Li Lanzhou University Triple points and novel phase transitions of dyonic AdS black holes with quasi-topological electromagnetism  

A1 Zhenyu Zhang Peking University Shadow of Kerr black hole surrounded by an angular Gaussian distributed plasma  

A1 XianHui Ge Shanghai University Chaos bound and geodesic  motion of charged particles near a charged black hole  

A1 Daniel Terno Macquarie University Inaccessibility of traversable wormholes  

A1 Peng Wang Sichuan University Observational Signatures of Black Holes with Multiple Photon Spheres  

A1 Miguel Manzano University of Salamanca, Spain General matching across Killing horizons of zero order  PDF link

A1 Yehui Hou Peking university Accretion disk luminosity for Kerr black hole in Melvin magnetic fields  

A1 Hong-Da Lyu Beihang University Interior of helical black holes  

A1 Chun-E Fu Xi‘an Jiaotong University The gauge invariance of massive vector KK modes in brane world  PDF link

A1 Seth Major Hamilton College On energy for accelerated observers in black hole spacetimes  PDF link

A1 Alfonso García-Parrado Departamento de Matemáticas, Universidad de Córdoba Projective and amplified symmetries in metric-affine theories  

A1 Nuno Santos Instituto Superior Técnico & University of Aveiro A bound on energy extraction (and hairiness) from superradiance  PDF link

A1 Zi-Qing Xiao Tianjin University Penrose inequality in asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetime  

A1 Xin Hao Hebei Normal University Kinetic theory and relativistic thermodynamics  

A1 Yi Wang Sun Yat-sen University Thermodynamics of hairy accelerating black holes in gauged supergravity and beyond  

A1 Yuping An Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences No Charged Scalar Hair Theorem For Static de-Sitter Black Hole  

A1 Run-Qiu Yang Tianjin University When null energy condition meets ADM mass  

A1 Shanzhong Han Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen The Weyl double copy for vacuum gravity solutions with a cosmological constant  

A1 Takashi Mishima Nihon University Analysis of large conversion phenomena between gravitational and electromagnetic waves  by using new cylindrically symmetric solutions of Einstein-Maxwell equations  

A1 Yen Chin Ong Center for Gravitation and Cosmology, Yangzhou University The Hookean Law of Rotating Black Holes  

A1 Ramin Daghigh Metropolitan State University Gravitational and electromagnetic radiation from an electrically charged black hole in general nonlinear electrodynamics  

A1 Torben Frost ZARM, University of Bremen Gravitational lensing in the charged NUT–de Sitter spacetime  PDF link

A1 Venkata Sai Saketh  Muddu Max Planck institute for gravitational physics Gravitational wave scattering off spinning black holes in effective worldline theory  

A1 Hossein Khodabakhshi Tianjin University Holographic Relations and Alternative Boundary Conditions for Lovelock Gravity  

A1 rashmi uniyal Dharmanand Uniyal Government Degree College Narendranagar Tehri Garhwal Uttarakhand  Tidal Forces in Schwarzschild Black Hole surrounded with Clouds of Strings and Quintessence PDF link 

A1 Gao-Ming Deng China West Normal University Charged AdS black hole with global monopole  

A1 Volker Perlick ZARM, University of Bremen, Germany A Morse-theoretical analysis of lensing in wormhole spacetimes  

A1 Ratna Koley Presidency University, Kolkata Gravitational Wave Beams with Orbital Angular  Momentum  PDF link

A1 Yifan Chen ITP-CAS Supermassive black holes as detectors for ultralight bosons  

A1 Joerg Frauendiener University of Otago On the Sagnac effect in General Relativity  

A1 Chao Wang Northwest University Ruppeiner geometry of the RN-AdS black hole using shadow formalism  

A1 Bin Wu Northwest University Holographic  thermodynamics of BTZ black hole  
  A1 Achilleas Porfyriadis Harvard University Extreme Black Holes: Anabasis and Accidental Symmetry  

A2 Marcus Werner Duke Kunshan University Finsler pp-waves and the Penrose limit  
A3 Muhammad Sharif University of the Punjab Stability of the Einstein Universe in Modified Gravity  
A3  Leila Maghlaoui University of Mentouri Pseudo-Complex General Relativity  PDF link
A3 Pradyumn Sahoo Birla Institute of Technology & Science-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus Ellis-Bronnikov wormholes in f(R) gravity  
A3 Ángel Murcia Instituto de Física Teórica UAM/CSIC Exact electromagnetic duality with nonminimal couplings  
A3  Adrián Casado-Turrión Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Im)possibility of gravitational collapse in f(R) gravity  
A3 José Ferreira Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa Forecasting F(Q) cosmology with ΛCDM background using standard sirens  
A3 JOSEPH P JOHNSON IIT Bombay Interacting dark sector: mapping fields and fluids, and observational signatures  PDF link
A3 Burhan Salay Xinjiang University, China Refined GR and the Gravitational Nature of the Dark Matter  
A3 Nicholas Loutrel Sapienza University of Rome Inspiralling compact objects with generic deformations  
A3 Brayden Hull University of Waterloo Negative Mass de Sitter Black Holes  

B1 Sehrish Iftikhar Lahore College for Women University, Lahore
Circular Geodesics Around a Rotating Black Hole  PDF link

B1 Susobhan  Mandal Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata Equation of states in the curved spacetime of spherical degenerate stars  

B1 Prakash Sarnobat East Surrey Gravity Research New perspectives on the approximate gravitational field outside an axisymmetric isolated rotating matter distribution  PDF link

B1 洪吉 王 (School of Science , Tianjin University of Technology, Tianjin, 300340, China) Octonion Gravitational Theory  

B1 Ritam Mallick Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal The world of general relativistic shocks  

B1 Nolene Ferrari Naidu University of Cape Town Two-fluid stellar objects in general relativity: The covariant formulation  PDF link

B1 迅 薛 华东师范大学 The different scattering behaviors between Dirac fermion and Majorana fermion by the metric field and torsion field  

B1 Kamal Krishna Nath Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal Tidal effect on the gyroscopic precession around a compact star  PDF link

B1 Juan Manuel Velásquez Cadavid Universidad Industrial de Santander Synchrotron Emitting Komissarov Torus with Magnetic Polarization around Kerr Black Holes  PDF link

B1 Ashkbiz Danehkar Eureka Scientific Measuring Black Hole Spins in Radio-quiet type I AGN  PDF link

B1 Sung-Won Kim Ewha Womans University Radial pulsation of a traversable wormhole  

B1 Ivo Sengo University of Aveiro Shadows of Kerr black holes with Proca hair  

B1 靖沛 张 中山大学物理与天文学院 school of physics and astronomy of SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY Tidal disruption of star by 10^8 solar mass super massive kerr black hole  

B1 Michael Gammon University of Waterloo Stellar structure and stability of charged interacting quark stars and their scaling behavior  

B1 Chandrachur Chakraborty Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, INDIA Was it really a black hole that EHT imaged in 2019?  PDF link

B1 Jesus Andres Arrieta Villamizar Universidad Industrial de Santander Magnetic Polarization and Radiative Losses in Extragalactic Relativistic Magnetized Jets  PDF link

B2 Yu-Peng Zhang Lanzhou University Dynamics of scalar hair with self-interactions around Schwarzchild black hole  PDF link
  B2 Jun-Qi Guo University of Jinan Energy and approximate analytic expressions in critical collapse  
  B2 Chen Liang Lanzhou University Spherical multistate Dirac-boson stars  PDF link
  B2 Shixian Sun Lanzhou University Chains of boson stars  PDF link
  B2 Yiqian Chen Center for Theoretical Physics, College of Physics, Sichuan University, Chengdu, 610064, China The Appearance of Stars accreted by Hairy Black Holes with Multiple Photon Spheres  

B3 Zun Wang The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Non-Standard Primordial Clocks from induced Mass in Alternatives to Inflation Scenarios  

B3 Guangzhou Guo Center for Theoretical Physics, College of Physics, Sichuan University, Chengdu, 610064, China Echoes from Hairy Black Holes  

B3 Xiongjun Fang Hunan Normal University Gauge Invariant Perturbations of General Spherically Symmetric Spacetimes  

B3 Mengjie Wang Hunan Normal University Bifurcation of the Maxwell quasinormal modes with Robin boundary conditions  

B3 Nadja Magalhaes Federal University of Sao Paulo (UNIFESP) Perturbative approaches to the calculation of Mercury's perihelion advance and implications to the study of gravitational waves  PDF link
  B3 Zun Wang The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Non-Standard Primordial Clocks from induced Mass in Alternatives to Inflation Scenarios  

B4 Vesselin Gueorguiev Institute for Advanced Physical Studies The Scale Invariant Vacuum Paradigm  PDF link
  B4 Daniele Gregoris Jiangsu University of Science and Technology Thermodynamics of Shearing Massless Scalar Field Spacetimes is Inconsistent With the Weyl Curvature Hypothesis  PDF link
  B4 Jose Parra Florida International University The Cosmos from a Quantum Point of View  PDF link
  B4 Włodzimierz Godłowski Uniwersytet Opolski, Institute of Physics, ul. Oleska 48, 45-052 Opole, Poland A comparison of cosmological models based on selection methods  PDF link
  B4 Kazuharu Bamba Fukushima University Large-scale magnetic fields from the coupling of electromagnetic fields with a higher curvature term in inflationary cosmology  PDF link
  B4 Ya-Peng Hu Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Thermodynamic equation of state and phase transition for a FRW universe  
  B4 Tonatiuh Matos Departamento de Física, Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN The cosmic microwave background and mass power spectrum profiles for a novel and efficient model of dark energy  PDF link
  B4 Simran  Kaur Delhi Technological University Viscous cosmology in holographic dark energy with Granda-Oliveros cut-off  
  B4 CHANDRA PRAKASH SINGH Delhi Technological University Cosmological constraints on time varying vacuum models in Brans-Bicke theory  
  B4 Fa Peng Huang Sun Yat-sen University Anisotropy of phase transition gravitational wave and its implication for primordial seeds of the Universe  
  B4 Qixin Xie university of science and technology of china Charge-Swapping Q-balls  
  B4 Bohua Li Guangxi University Kination: Implications for Big Bang nucleosynthesis and the primordial Gravitational Waves  
  B4 Vinita Khatri Delhi Technological University Bulk viscous cosmology with decaying vacuum model  
  B4 Rita Neves Universidad Complutense de Madrid Alleviating observational anomalies with Loop Quantum Cosmology  
  B4 Vitor da Fonseca Instituto de Astrofisica e ciencias do Espaco A simple parametrisation for coupled dark energy  
  B4 Abhishek Naskar Indian Institute of Technology Bombay A unified EFT approach to understand primordial magnetogenesis  PDF link
  B4 Xiaolei Li Hebei Normal University Model independent Calibration of Quasars  
  B4 Sofia Di Gennaro Yangzhou University Feasibility of primordial black hole Remnants as dark matter in view of Hawking radiation recoil  
  B4 Bohai Chen Liaoning Normal University The Phase Space Analysis of Interacting K-essence Dark Energy Models in Loop Quantum Cosmology  
  B4 Ezequiel Boero Observatorio Astronomico de Córdoba Cosmic shallows: interaction of CMB photons in extended galaxy halos  
  B4 Archana Sangwan Indian Institute of Technology Bombay σ8 tension and the dark energy-dark matter interaction model  PDF link

C2 zhengyan liu University of Science and Technology of China Prospects of Searching Kilonova with WFST  

C2 Gang Wang Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS Alternative LISA-TAIJI networks  

C2 Hong Zhang Shandong University Searching for Wormholes with Gravitational Wave Scattering  

C2 Gen-Liang Li Beijing 利用极端质量比双星系统旋近的引力波探测暗物质  

C2 Xuehao Zhang Lanzhou University Resolving Galactic binaries using a network of space-borne gravitational wave detectors  PDF link

C2 Nathan Johnson-McDaniel University of Mississippi Distinguishing binary black hole precessional morphologies with gravitational wave observations  PDF link

C2 Matthew Mould University of Birmingham Enhancing gravitational-wave population inference with deep learning  

C2 Shailendra Singh Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal, India GW signature from Slow combustion in neutron star  

C2 Alejandro Torres Orjuela TianQin Center (Sun Yat-Sen University) Detecting a constant center-of-mass velocity for gravitational wave sources  PDF link

C2 Sylvain Marsat L2IT Sky localization of massive black hole mergers with LISA  

C2 Kristen Schumacher University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Constructing a waveform template for Einstein-æther theory  

C2 Huaike Guo University of Utah The First Search for Cosmological First Order Phase Transitions using Data From the Third LIGO-Virgo Observing Run  

C2 Konstantinos Kritos Johns Hopkins University Measurability of intermediate-mass black hole binary parameters with next-generation ground-based gravitational wave detectors  

C2 Bin Hu Beijing Normal University Hubble parameter estimation via GW sirens with the LISA-Taiji network  

C2 Jibin He University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Bayesian analysis for both astrophysical and primordial black holes with GWTC-3 catalog  

C2 Hisaaki Shinkai Osaka Institute of Technology Ringdown mode search using auto-regressive method  PDF link

C2 Minghui Du Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Science Orbital Resonance of Satellites under the Gravitational Waves from Supermassive Black Hole Binaries  

C2 Takahiro S Yamamoto Nagoya University Deep learning for intermittent gravitational wave signals  PDF link

C2 Jing  Ren Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing, China Gravitational wave echoes search and quasinormal modes analysis  

C2 Jishnu Suresh CP3, Université catholique de Louvain Jointly setting upper limits on multiple components of an anisotropic stochastic gravitational- wave background  

C2 Roberto Cotesta Johns Hopkins University Bayesian parameter estimation on a population of massive black-hole binaries using an inspiral-merger-ringdown waveform model with higher harmonics  

C2 Luca Reali Johns Hopkins University Assessing the impact of confusion noise in next-generation ground-based interferometers  

C2 Andre Guimaraes Louisiana State University An approach for estimating the distribution of $\xi^2$ parameter distribution from the template alone  

C3 Junxiang Huang 广西大学 Gravitational-wave evolution of newborn magnetars with different deformed structures  

C3 Shangjie Jin Northeastern University, China Precisely measuring the Hubble constant and dark energy using only gravitational-wave dark sirens  

C3 Guo-Peng Li Laboratory for Relativistic Astrophysics, Department of Physics, Guangxi University, Nanning 530004, China Time-dependent stellar-mass binary black hole mergers in AGN disks: Mass distribution of hierarchical mergers  

C3 Bo-Qiang Lu School of Science, Huzhou University Probing WIMPs in space-based gravitational wave experiments  

C3 Boye Su Tsinghua University Probing Ultralight Bosons with Compact Eccentric Binaries  PDF link

C3 Jialun Zhuang Sun Yat-sen University Possible explanations for the late-time radio flare of ASASSN-15oi  

C3 chun chen Sun Yat-sen University Radiative Diffusion in a Time-dependent Outflow: a Model for Fast Blue Optical Transients  

C3 Chang Liu Sun Yat-Sen University Research on the spectral properties of black hole X-ray binary mini-outbursts  

C3 Yan Li Sun Yat-Sen University  Quasi-periodic oscillation of short gamma ray bursts from black hole-neutron star mergers  

C3 Pedro Henrique Barboza Rossetto University of Otago Magnetically Confined Mountains on Neutron Stars  

C5 Dennis Raetzel ZARM - University of Bremen Constraining modified gravity with quantum optomechanics  PDF link

D1 Christopher Duston Merrimack College Topspin Networks: Cylindrical Functionsand Coherent States  

D2 Hua Bi Zeng yangzhou university Inverse energy cascade caused by abnormal motion of vortex dipoles in a holographic superfluid turbulence  

D2 Jin Wang State University of New York at Stony Brook  Thermodynamics and Dynamics of Black Hole Phase Transition  

D2 Zhencheng Wang UCSB The Spacetime Geometry of Fixed-Area States in Gravitational Systems  

D2 Zhang-Yu Nie Kunming University of Science and Technology Holographic superfluid models with nonlinear terms  

D2 Guoyang  Fu Center for Gravitation and Cosmology, YangZhou University A novel holographic quantum phase transition and butterfly velocity  

D2 Rong-Xin Miao Sun Yat-Sen University Conformal Boundary Condition and New Brane Dynamics in AdS/BCFT  

D2 Hai-Qing Zhang Beihang Universtiy Holographic topological defects in spatial 1D system  

D2 Qiang Wen 东南大学 Correction to entanglement wedge cross-section from the Chern-Simons term in TMG  

D2 Yuan Sun Jilin University TTbar deformed matrix models and JT supergravity  duals  

D2 Dong-Qi Li Sun  Yat-sen University Novel phase transition of Page curve for Gauss-Bonnet gravity  PDF link

D2 Yi Pang Tianjin University α′-corrections to Near Extremal Dyonic Strings and Weak Gravity Conjecture  

D2 子强 赵 昆明理工大学 Quasinormal modes of a simple holographic superfluid model  

D2 chuanyin xia 扬州大学 Holographic Abrikosov lattice: Vortex Matter from Black Hole  

D2 Yuxuan Peng East China University of Technology New nontrivial black hole horizons in critical Gauss-Bonnet gravity  

D2 Timothy Leary IFIF  When does LSD //??  

D2 Peng Yang University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Parametric instability induced driven-dissipative time crystal phase of holographic superfluids in optical lattice  

D2 Yan Liu Beihang University Breakdown of hydrodynamics from holographic pole collision  

D2 hao tian sun Institute of Theoretical PhysicsChinese Academy of Sciences Shear flows in far-from-equilibrium strongly coupled fluids  

D2 Maciej Kolanowski University of Warsaw A new IR fixed point for holographic 4D gauge theories  

D2 Sk Jahanur Hoque Institute of Theoretical Physics, Faculty of mathematica and physics, Charles University Supertranslations at Timelike Infinity  

D3 TEJINDER PAL SINGH TATA INSTITUTE OF FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH, MUMBAI Relativistic weak quantum gravity, and its significance for the standard model of particle physics  

D3 Jan Novák in search for a new affiliation Graviton as a phonon and dark energy problem  PDF link

D4 Daniele Gregoris Jiangsu University of Science and Technology On the Chandrasekhar Limit in Generalized Uncertainty Principles  PDF link

D4 Sujoy Modak Universidad de Colima Unruh like effect in the radiation dominated early universe  

D4 Sebastian Murk Department of Physics and Astronomy, Macquarie University Generalisations of surface gravity to dynamical apparent horizons  PDF link

D4 Sumanta Chakraborty Indian Association for the Cultivation of Sceince Microscopic origin of Einstein's field equations and the raison d'être for a positive cosmological constant  

D4 Matteo Galaverni Vatican Observatory & INAF/OAS Bologna Photon helicity and quantum anomalies in curved spacetimes  PDF link

D4 Yuan Zhong Xi'an Jiaotong University The singular Poschl-Teller potentials and gravitating kink models  

D4 Alexei Gaina ISGRG Bound states, scattering and absorption cross section for Proca field in a Schwarzschild background  PDF link

D4 Ding-fang Zeng Beijing University of Technology New Mechanism resolving the Information Missing Puzzle  PDF link

D4 David Edward Bruschi Institute for Quantum Computing Analytics (PGI-12) Forschungszentrum Jülich Gravitational redshift induces quantum interference  

D4 Omar Gallegos Santiago  Departamento de Física, Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN Hydrodynamic representation and energy balance for Dirac and Weyl fermions in curved space-times  PDF link

D4 Haridev  S R Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, Hyderabad Revisiting Vacuum Energy in Compact Spacetimes  PDF link

D4 Le-Chen Qu LanZhou University Chaos and Complexity for Inverted Harmonic Oscillators  PDF link

D4 Yang An Zhejiang University of Technology Emergent Gravity Tendency and Maxwell's Demon  

D4 Daniel Terno Macquarie University Black holes and their horizons in semiclassical gravity  PDF link

D4 Shun-Pei Miao National Cheng Kung University Gauge Independent Effective Field Equation  

D4 Antonio Ferreiro Dublin City University Adiabatic regularization and preferred vacuum state for the λφ4 field theory in cosmological space-times  

D4 Álvaro Álvarez Domínguez Complutense University of Madrid Generalized quantum Vlasov equation in cosmology and quantization ambiguities  

D4 Benliang Li southwest jiaotong university The Underlying Mechanisms of Time Dilation in Curved Space-Time  

D4 Andrei Lebed Department of Physics, University of Arizona Violations of the Einstein’s Equivalence Principle for a Quantum Body  

D4 Hiroki Matsui Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University DeWitt boundary condition requires Hoˇrava-Lifshitz quantum gravity  

D4 Karthik Rajeev Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Wave function of the Universe as a sum over eventually inflating universes  

D4 Mytraya Gattu Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Gravity-induced corrections to Quantum Theory in the Infrared Regime  

D4 Jacopo Mazza SISSA Theory and phenomenology of Kerr black-bounces  PDF link

D4 Vasileios Letsios Department of Mathematics, University of York Unitary and non-unitary (partially) massless fields with spins 3/2 and 5/2 in de Sitter  PDF link

D4 Finnian Gray Perimeter Institute/University of Waterloo Holographic reconstruction of asymptotically flat spacetimes  PDF link

D4 S. Mahesh Chandran Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Asymptotic quantum correlations of modes and cauchy horizon instability  

D4 Zehua  Tian University of Science and Technology of China Testing the upper bound on the speed of scrambling with an analogue of Hawking radiation using trapped ions  

D4 Tatyana Shestakova Southern Federal University Again about the problem of time  

D4 Ian Newsome Wake Forest University Validity of the Semiclassical Approximation in 1+1 Electrodynamics: Solutions to the Linear Response Equation  PDF link

D4 Shohreh Gholizadeh Siahmazgi Wake Forest University Two-point Correlation Function in 4D Collapsing Null Shell Spacetime  

D4 Swastik Bhattacharya BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus Towards building an Effective Theory for Black Hole Membranes from Constraints of Symmetry  

D4 Pravin Dahal Macquarie University Horizon Singularities of semiclassical black holes  

D4 Cheng Peng KITS, UCAS Ensemble averages, factorization, and half-wormholes  

D4 Julio Arrechea Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC) Semiclassical backreaction in stellar spacetimes  

D4 Sergi Nadal Universitat de València -IFIC CPT vacua and regularity conditions in a radiation dominated Universe. Part 1: CPT vacuum states  

D4 Jinzhao Wang ETH Zurich Beyond islands: a free probabilistic approach  

D4 Silvia Pla García University of Valencia - IFIC CPT vacua and UV regularity conditions in a radiation-dominated universe. Part 2: UV regularity  

D4 Kensuke Gallock-Yoshimura University of Waterloo Harvesting mutual information from BTZ black hole spacetime  PDF link

D4 Laura Henderson University of Waterloo Probing Quantum Correlations with a Temporal Superposition  PDF link

D4 TEJINDER PAL SINGH TATA INSTITUTE OF FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH, MUMBAI Quantum gravity effects in the infra-red: a theoretical derivation of the low energy fine structure constant and mass ratios of charged fermions  
  D4 George Matsas Institute for Theoretical Physics, Sao Paulo State University Black-hole analog in vehicular traffic