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Jorge Santos

Jorge Santos

Univ. of Cambridge, UK

Talk title: (In)stability of Cauchy horizons


In recent years we have witnessed tremendous advances in our understanding of the (in)stability properties of Cauchy horizons that are cloaked by black hole horizons. Indeed, not only we have gained new insights into the classical properties of such Cauchy horizons but also on some of their quantum properties. The structure of the black hole interior turns out to be remarkably sensitive on the asymptotics of the domain of outer communications. I will survey some of these results in the talk. In particular, I will explain why a large class of charged black holes with de-Sitter asymptotics violate (classically) Christodoulou’s version of the strong cosmic censorship conjecture, only to have predictability restored by quantum effects. Rotating black holes with de-Sitter asymptotics, however, appear to preserve Christodoulou’s strong cosmic censorship.

Time: July 6, Wednesday, 21:30-22:30 (CST, UTC+8)